AXS2GDPR – GDPR Compliancy as a service

As per May 25 2018, every company needs to be compliant with the newest privacy GDPR regulations.

We from AXS2COM S.L. were long before this date already fully compliant with this.

We offer in-house training and consultancy about GDPR regulations.
Next to that, we help you to get your company GDPR compliant. We do this using right tools which we have completely developed ourselves.
Together we can make sure you have a fully trained DPO (Data Protection Officer) for your company.

AXS2COM offers the product AXS2GDPR especially for those companies which don’t have full legal departments or the possibility to assign a DPO within their own staff.
AXS2GDPR makes sure your company is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, with a CDP (Certified DPO).
This means you CDPO is compliant with all regulations, takes care of everything regarding the GDPR regulations.

AXS2GDPR starts with a impact assessment to get all necessary information about your company.
Together we create an action plan with a to-do list.
We create standard processor agreements for your company.
We also control those you have already signed with your customers or company relations.

When everything is completely GDPR approved, we do a 3 month check-up and every 12 months we do a complete impact assessment again.

Do you want more detailed information about this service? Please contact us.