Become a partner

Due the worldwide increasing demand of AXS2COMs’  software products we are constantly extending our partner network with software specialists.

Different Partner Networks

For subjects and domains as e.g. e-Learning, Logistics  and Accountancy, or VoIP networks with AXS2CALL,  we have different partner networks. Every network has its own specialists to maintain close contact with our domain partners.

Our partners are End users’ benefit.

By frequent contacts with our partner we assure the end users of our software products an undisturbed and fun filled use of our well designed products. By those frequent meetings and calls we are fast well informed about the customers’ wishes and needs.

Auto Maintenance System

This system is helpful for implementing and installing new use possibilities, or software improvements at the end user, by our automatic version registration & maintenance system.

Sales Leads

AXS2COM is committed to generating and qualifying leads for its partners in the different domains.
Through acquisition marketing programs, AXS2COM captures the relevant data to quality and most accurately routes each lead to the appropriate partner.


AXS2COM partners are entitled to in-depth training, technical training to answer all of their client’s questions and of course, ongoing training for any new product release, keeping them in the loop.
We support our partners with unlimited email support and unlimited technical support via our dedicated technical assistance system.


Our partners are in the preferential position to sell an amazing and software with qualified leads, support for pre-sales activities and regular training sessions, as well as access to a domain dedicated Salesforce partners portal..


We work closely with our partners’ marketing departments to develop winning strategies and revenue optimizing initiatives. Equipped with all the necessary AXS2COM marketing materials and tools, our partners enjoy co-marketing activities and support for various events.

Becoming a Partner

If you, want to become one of our partners and software supporters, send an email to partner[at]axs2com[dot]ad with your business information or file the contact form. We will contact you soon to discuss our common business opportunities.


We already have partners in: