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AXS2FINANCE – Profinad

AXS2FINANCE or also knows as Profinad

AXS2FINANCE, the complete ERP financial administration program / accounting package is suitable for every organisation, no matter how small or large, that uses a PC or computer network. So almost for every PC or computer network user. Profinad is available in different versions, a Single-User version to a Multi-User version.

AXS2FINANCE bookkeeping system is designed to enable you, as a user, to do your administration in a simple and efficient way. AXS2FINANCE works with a standard chart of ledgers and nominal that complies with the 4th directive of the EU. This has been adjusted for both the Andorran, Spanish, Dutch and Belgian situation. By using AXS2FINANCE you have a flexible bookkeeping system which helps you organising your bookkeeping both in the traditional way and at your own discretion.

Reconstruction procedures in case of calamities are built in as standard. All this to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data presented by AXS2FINANCE. It is possible to book in several non-closed financial years.

AXS2FINANCE helps you to keep track of your financial status of your business.

AXS2FINANCE is a client-server solution which runs on the newest type of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

AXS2FINANCE is a complete multi language and multi user ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) bookkeeping and financial administration system.

It is a complete modular solution which is compliant to the European bookkeeping system status by the European Union.

Standard modules are:

  • Debtor administration
  • Creditor administration
  • Ledger administration
  • VAT Administation
  • Invoices both sales and purchase

Populair modules are:

  • Order administration
  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Automatic banking
  • Articles
  • Batch administration
  • Tracking and tracing

Some features of Profinad CS software:

  • there can be booked in foreign currency.
  • the package is multi-user.
  • the printer support is very flexible.
  • in accounting, cost carriers and cost centers can be used.
  • the package is “client-server” so that all information is stored in a central location.
  • the number of possible mutations is virtually unlimited.
  • stock and order administration per branch separately available but directly integrated.
  • any customization is easy to integrate and can be fully adapted to your wishes.
  • standard (automatic) journal entries can be entered and executed almost immediately (and automatically) when journalizing.
  • macros can be entered and called up during journalization, after which they can also be processed into a journal entry.
  • pop-up lists of debtors, creditors and macros.
  • Built-in security policies.

Journal entries (ledger transactions) must be in balance before they are transferred (read).
Booking on non-existent ledgers, nominals, cost centers and cost units is impossible.
Removing bills, diaries, cost centers and cost units on which bookings have already taken place is not possible.
Password protection with different levels, with only authorized persons having access to confidential data.
Extensive checks before certain programs can be executed.
If desired, a fixed printer can be set for each program and / or user.