What is  AXS2LMS?

AXS2LMS is a multi-language Learning Management System, custom tailored for little up to large worldwide Learning Management Systems.

As instruction of how to use ICT solutions was needed, AXS2COM started already in the early eighties the development of elearning system for computer based and distance training. When the numbers increased AXS2COM started  the development of  AXS2LMS Learning Management Systems for schools and all kind of enterprises.

In the modern industry the question rises often how to manage and improve the needed knowledge of the employers and staff in a maintainable way.
Where can I find the ideal courses to train them. How can we manage this? etcetera.

AXS2LMS has all answers on these questions for those who are creating a learning culture for their employees and staff.

Nowadays We’re working in environments, where change is no longer an event, but a constantly occurring process. In order for a business to maintain a competitive advantage, it’s vital for its employees to be continually improving and learning.

To face this continuing process, questions as hereunder must be answered without any doubts.
It is obvious that You may have some good ideas about what it takes to implement a culture of learning, but how’s your strategy?
Do you have the tools and (human) resources necessary to build a solid foundation for your learning culture?
What’s your communication plan?
How will you measure success and failure?
How will you measure the need for re-training?

AXS2LMS has the answers on all those questions and brings unexpected solutions.

If you want to know more about our AXS2LMS, mail us at: info[at]axs2lms[dot]com

An impression of AXS2LMS ‘s functionalities can be found on its website www.axs2lms.com