The first steps in business software development were already made in 1982.

Programs as;
Profinad  administration software (ERP) &Veemflex  Warehouse & Transport Management Software were already 1982 highly demanded solutions for precision of the (manual) administrations and reduction of paper workflow.

AXS2Com’s Logistics software for Warehouse Management and Transport Management (WMS and TMS) named AXS2LOGISTICS or Veemflex are for those reasons highly appreciated and advised by many logistic companies but also by Customs and Government Agencies, and is also therefor installed and in use by many modern logistics companies.

Today is AXS2COM working for many customers, national & international in several domains, our solutions are available in many languages and usable for almost any company model.

AXS2COM offers complete enterprise ICT solutions, starting from 1 seat up to more than 10.000 seats.